19 LINES FROM FRAGMENTS OF MY LOVE – Tajudeen Muadh Akanbi.

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She carries the gods in her palm, and her painting, on the

brittle glass, some grey-ash primroses, hummingbirds and

some rose flowers lurking in her toes too.

I wrote her name on my palm—her home. I feel how

enthralling it is to have someone I love on the walls of my hands,

I rewrite it, and a smile is engraved on my cheek.

Her hair flutters, shuttering at the conundrums on the

streets of Ikeja, which murdered her sweet smiles,

and resurrecting it into a canto, filled with butterflies and sprouted petals.

She glows the verses on the thin lines from the inklings

written on the timber barks, then her iris, made the darkened room a burst of sunshine.

Take! A cup from the afterlife,

all things visible, half of a moon,

in the skins of a bruised tooth and some tattered breadfruits— a half sonnet! half dirge.

They lived with depression in islands surrounded by

flames of burnt wings from the cupid’s

the omo west carrying the gods on their rosary.

setting foxgloves on a blaze, cupid too; BISI says: “I’m tender, brittle, and glassy”.

love was murdered last night and a rebirth of depression and intro-death.

Contributor’s Bio

Tajudeen Muadh Akanbi, lightning pen X is a budding poet from Nigeria, he’s a member of Hilltops creative arts foundation and a winner of the elite writing contest, his works appear forthcoming in different literary magazines both in Africa and the diaspora.

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