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Riddles of a Lost Boy I am something— wandering  is my native heirloom. my ancestors,               shifting lands &  shape-shifting tongues.    all oduduwa’s milk & honey not sufficing to quench their thirst                                                                                                         for new land.       the result:       a minor(ity) problem.  a leaf has fallen                                                                      too far from its tree.     a people in Kogi                                                      torn apart from their heritage by the thin lines that shape states.                                                    wandering is a family heirloom. I wandered                                                  from my culture as a seed  in my father’s balls                                  in search of greener pastures         to plant me.  which is to say                                                            I was a nomad before I was born. drifting through cities: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kaduna. two…

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