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Inebriation & we come from a place where boys are proclaimed seers for saying a lower prayer lopsided by the  characterization of drunkenness a Hart Crane’s floundering of one whose father’s face is the face  of a grandfather a sloshing of an ancestral capillary, that is a saucer for carrying the margins of memory. The  implications of wishes are unadorned dreams & so maybe Keli Goff should have written a play about inebriated ones; but because she didn’t we instead kowtow to the smog that blinds this air which unmoors our ancestry -to feel the warmth of a gone mother… Contributor’s Bio Frank Njugi is a Kenyan writer, page poet, and literary culture journalist living in Nairobi. His Micro-chapbook: Benthic is forthcoming in Konya Shamsrumi digital editions 2023). Some of his accolades include; being A Sondeka Award nominee in 2023, being longlisted for the Akachi Chukwuemeka Prize for Literature 2023, also shortlisted for the Ibua…

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