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The Journey in Which Everyone Carries the Anatomy of His Dream   when the sun died with a mysterious decision  sketched on the tip of barricaded tongues   of our home and the other hall that housed our dreams,  we slept with a tear-jerking eye that countenanced  the deferment of knowing what our home held for our dreams,  of course, our fates. we were given a word of optimism,  & like love, it came back to us, in our dreams.  we woke up, in light, with great hilarity–a pleasant smile  hovering over our faces that, before daybreak, sheltered  the skin of phobia that our goals would be forced, like the sun,  to cast its abode on the bed of a murky plight, unplanned.  in delight, we received some calls from a man who re-ignited our wishes;  the first time he called, like the moon, we put on our radiant,  never-grow-old smile, hoping…

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