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Aches of Memory For the chibok girls, Nigeria. v. Rhoda sits still on the cold peeling tiles and watch the moon purge its light shyly on the wall like every other nights in her dreams. The dreams are frequent these days, more like a fading vision or a blurred sight. On some nights, all she could recall were faint sobs wriggling through bleak faces in white and black visions, she doesn’t identify colours in her dreams, not anymore, since the thirst of time keeps aching her memory into indefinite and dynamic horrors. She leans softly against the wardrobe, listening to crickets chirping from nowhere, the fan hangs tiredly from the ceiling as it whirls slowly like a wind mill, the night seems like a frail connection to the past, reminding her of the night that birth terror into her dreams. iv. It was a night like this, around prayer time…

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