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Exorcism A morning breaks into my bodyAnd the bird in it escapes into space I’m merely a tote of years,Counting and recounting memories Like yams in the barn whichBeetles have beaten into rot. I’m something made out of letters,And I have in my pocket a packet of the past. In it are matchsticks so thatWhen night creeps in I can lightBut it’s not the darkness I burn It’s meI burn I tell youYou enter Like a shot in the headI’m unknotted Lord,this legion of memoriesIs gnawing at me. Who’d cast it out?Who’d fill the hole? Contributor’s Bio Olusoji ObebeĀ is an emerging Nigerian poet, essayist and fiction writer. He writes from Ondo State, Nigeria. His essays have made the longlist of the African Human Right Essay Competition 2021, the Sixth Chinua Achebe Poetry/Essay Anthology and the Libretto African Anthology Prize 2022. His works are featured/forthcoming in Fiery Scribe Review, Nnoko Stories,…

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