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Weals from the Rain “What ear to our sobbing hearts?” -Birago Diop. We lost them– our brothers that darted outside to set the drums to the catchment & never returned. Yesterday night, we longed for rain on our roofs. & it rained–it rained cats and dogs. This morning, Our verandah was lost in the flood of blood. “Blood is libations that cleanse your roofs, & appease the gods of golden waters.” said the village priest. Alas, for our brothers who now live only in our dreams, no grain of wheat to hold our hopes, nor there a rain to water our mouths– their deaths on our bodies are weals from the rain. Tonight, we dread longing for another rain, but again, the sky is ready to strike us with her cold, long & tiny hands. “What ear to our sobbing hearts?” Yesterday macerated our hopes. Tomorrow’s deeds are lurking in the…

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