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Branches A bird perched on,a node coiled with internodes;alley, crossroads,besieged by hefty turns & tonsthe node falls apart. A bird departs,away from its broken home,in search of a cozy solace,it got caught in a fauna’s fun,& lost its way,into the venturous wilderness;an island lost in a fog A bird seeks shelter,into the lair of a behemoth,fallibly fell & slipped,into an ambush of life. We halt at dusk,to lay our backs and heads down,we sigh at the pale moon,while whistling jaws,to the talks of the night crickets,sighing at the branches we branched. Contributor’s Bio Abdulrasaq Teslim Alade is a stylistic and critical-thinking poet, an undergraduate student, and a terrific writer of short narrative stories that awes the reader’s mind. He is also a citizen of Nigeria by birth. He admires reading works on literature, philosophy, and linguistics.He mails at [email protected]. On Instagram @abdulrasaqfholarin. Also, on Twitter @abdulrasaqfholarin.