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The Way of the Wind – Wale Olaogun

In every human life, the encounter of disorderliness, chaos, death, memories, and grief is unavoidable. Wale’s chapbook draws a reader’s attention to many sophisticated questions, questions of why, how and to what degree the human animal is a product of several circumstances. In his melancholic but intriguing poetry chapbook, Wale was able to identify several ills that can drown man himself. The ills of death, dark memories, police brutality, victimization, and his unspecified identity as a black child. And this is great work for those who’re questioning and keen to understand the reality of being a Nigerian.



The Way Of The Wind

1 review for The Way of the Wind – Wale Olaogun

  1. Abiola Adekunle

    The poet explores the travails of the Nigerian world in a tone worthy of desire for improvement. The poems rich in figurative ideas transverse the wish to bridge the past with the present with a zeal to mending a better future

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