Inebriation – Frank Njugi.

Inebriation – Frank Njugi.
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& we come from a place where boys are proclaimed

seers for saying a lower prayer lopsided by the 

characterization of drunkenness a Hart Crane’s

floundering of one whose father’s face is the face 

of a grandfather a sloshing of an ancestral capillary,

that is a saucer for carrying the margins of memory. The 

implications of wishes are unadorned dreams & so maybe

Keli Goff should have written a play about inebriated ones;

but because she didn’t we instead kowtow to the smog

that blinds this air which unmoors our ancestry -to feel

the warmth of a gone mother…

Contributor’s Bio

Frank Njugi is a Kenyan writer, page poet, and literary culture journalist living in Nairobi. His Micro-chapbook: Benthic is forthcoming in Konya Shamsrumi digital editions 2023). Some of his accolades include; being A Sondeka Award nominee in 2023, being longlisted for the Akachi Chukwuemeka Prize for Literature 2023, also shortlisted for the Ibua Journal Continental Call 2022, and also a finalist in the Kikwetu Journal flash fiction Prize 2022. His works are previously featured/forthcoming in literary platforms such as The Standard Kenya Newspaper, Kalahari Review, TvoTribe, The Shallow Tales Review, African writers magazine, Roi Feineant Press, Olney Magazine, and others. He currently serves on the editorial team of Salamander Ink Magazine – a platform that showcases Literary art expressionism and culture & he tweets as @franknjugi.

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