For Her – Ayiyi Joel.

For Her – Ayiyi Joel.
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Photo Credit: Soumen Hazra/Istock Photos

For Her

After Gbenga Adeoba

(Her Facebook wall—empty of her portrait)

For the girl I got to know through facebook

For Ruby

I met her absence months after she left

It’s been two years now.

A bird whose unknowing was fluttering

Into a family. A home where her love

Is the trickles of rain in a desert.

Again, I pour myself into the ache of her heart

On her Facebook wall. It breaks to me now

how people can make your eyes heavy with water

And your chest, crackling with flames.

And I wish to spool time backwards like disc

In the grasp of a dj. To when she never gave

In to the call of the noose. 

To when she never graced her lips with

The little bottle with the label of a skull.

To when she never desired slitting her wrist

For the raw touch & ooze of red on skin.

To when she never died

& Left us to the burning fingers of grief.

Heaven knows how I wish you never knew depression.

God knows how much I wish

To write breath back into your lungs. 

It’s Sunday, and the preacher asks us to say something/ 

To carve a request into God’s ears. & I, lamb to tears,

Beseech Him to grace your body with paradise/

To give you all the rose & daisies & honey

& love & all beautiful things. That your hands find water

& Your body becomes home for spring and songs

Contributor’s Bio

Ayiyi Joel is a young budding poet from Edo state in Nigeria. He was longlisted for the Akachi Chukwuemeka Poetry Prize, Under The Madness Poetry Writing month contest. He has works published/forthcoming in B’K, Rough Cut Press, Rigorous, Parousia, African Writers Mag and elsewhere.

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